Dunedin Meditation Centre

Dunedin Meditation Centre is located in the south island of New Zealand. And this beautiful place is the dream land for many people who would love to visit it once in their life, as it is surrounded by sea, mountain, many kinds of plants and interesting natural beauty. There are various nationalities, religions and different cultures. And it is also the centre of Education systems, tourisms for instance. Therefore, people from the western side of the world have set destination here to looking for the wealthy in this land.

The same reason for our meditation centre, that came here, to give advise to people of all races, religions, and cultures who have interest in meditation, and they can come to learn the simple way to find the true inner peace they can gain from meditation, just close theirs eyes lightly, relax , and still their minds, make it wide and clear, leave no thought inside it.

Henceforth, this Dunedin Meditation Centre has offered the kindness from the Most Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh (Luangpor Dhammajayo) who has strong determination to propagate Buddhism in Vijja Dhammakaya throughout the world, and to let people of the world find the true happiness inside and the widen the Vijja Dhammakaya Buddhism propagation.

The objective in establishing this meditation centre as stated above is to response to the policy of Most Venerable Luangpor in spreading the “Buddha” s teaching worldwide by emphasizing on the Vijja Dhammakaya Meditation and to improve the quality of mind to a higher level, regardless of races, religions, or families, along with participating many activities, and cooperating with non-profit organizations both in government sectors and private sectors in New Zealand.

Most of activities of this Dunedin Meditation Centre emphasizes on teaching beginning meditation to people interested in meditation, love to improve their minds, teaching the Buddhist Culture and arranging the Meditation Retreat Course for foreigners who has interest in meditation and ready to discover themselves by doing meditation.

Meditation or Samadhi is the universal knowledge that anyone can attain, no matter what race, family, or religion they are. By simply close your eyes, you will find the true inner peace that you have no need to look for from anywhere in the world. Only you close your eyes, you will know that the true happiness is indeed within yourself. From doing meditation, still your mind, think of nothing, seek for the peacefulness inside your mind, then you will discover the greatest true happiness lie deeply inside you. And no one can do it for you, besides you do it by your own self.

Our Dunedin Meditation Centre is hopefully that everyone of you who has come here, will be able to improve your qualities of life along with developing your minds.


Dunedin Meditation Centre

16 Pitt Street, North Dunedin

Telephone: 034 775 772

Mobile phone: 021 111 2276


Opening day: Friday

(Thursday class is not avalable during this time)

Meditation period: 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm


  1. very very beautiful ka

  2. ขออนุโมทนาบุญกับทีมงานพัฒนาเวปไซต์
    นครดันนีดิน ทุกท่าน

    พระอาจารย์จำนงค์ อภิวณฺโณ
    ศูนย์ปฏิบัติธรรมวัดพระธรรมกาย แอ็ดดิเลด
    ๔ กุมภาพันธ์ ๒๕๕๒

  3. to GoogleReader!

  4. iam 63 years old have lived in different monasteries in short bursts over 35 yrs ,i live in an isolated area and wonder if the monks extend there vists this far to invercargill if so could enlighten me of there itinerary please .
    Additionally can one come and pay respect to the venerable monks ,miss the people involved in the dharama .is better to give prior notice & is there group sits if so when please ? ?

    Thanks for time & effort metta :- pip stainger

  5. Peace and light,

    I enjoy your blog site.
    I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease, joy, harmony, and abundance!!!
    Have a great 2011!!!

    Bright blessings,

    Ten Nebula

  6. Meditation is indeed a very relaxing exercise to the mind and body. Thanks!

    • Meditation makes me happy!

  7. kia ora I am wondering when you times for group meditation are? kindest regards Tarn

  8. Hi, I like meditation. It relieves my stresses and improve my happiness.

    • I’m glad you like mediation. Keep practising it everyday until it become a part of your life!

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